Hertz Complaints – 0843 487 1842

Hertz ComplaintsHertz is one of the biggest car rental and van hire company in the world, with 8,500 locations spread over 145 countries in the world. Hertz has a strong presence in the U.K. as well. They have a strong customer relations team to handle Hertz complaints through the Hertz contact number.

Common Complaints

The most common Hertz complaints is any incident related to the vehicle, such as vehicle breakdown, or accidents. Hertz requires the customer to file an incident report, for each incident, at the time of vehicle return. The resolution of the incident, including fixing liability would depend on the terms and conditions mentioned in the Rental Record, and liability insurance in place.

The other common complaints customers have against Hertz is excess billing, disputed charges and charging credit card without authorization, disagreements on insurance coverage, and delays in processing Hertz refunds. Customers may also have grievance on inadequate number of staff to serve them at the location, failure to deliver a car on time despite having booked for it, and other similar issues.

Customers may contact Hertz customer relations team using the Hertz complaints number with their complaints and negative feedback. The customer relations team aims to resolve negative feedback quickly and fairly in all cases.

Hertz Conciliation Service

When customers who approach the Hertz customer relations team with their complaints are not satisfied with the outcome, they may approach Hertz’s dedicated conciliation service, set up to resolve disputes and complaints. This conciliation service by British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA), an independent agency, and this service is available free to all customers who have rented vehicles from Hertz in the U.K, but is not available for those who have booked a vehicle using an intermediary, such as a travel agent. 

The decision of this conciliation agency is binding on Hertz, whereas customers who do not agree to the decision of this agency are free to approach the law courts with their case.

The Hertz website has a detailed list of FAQ that explains many possible scenarios and issues clarifications on terms and conditions, and policy coverage. Customers who search the FAQ to get the right information, or ask a new unanswered question using the various contact options to reach customer support, before making Hertz complaints can lodge the complaint in the right way, and may expect a speedier resolution.