How to find your local Hertz office

hertz-officesHertz is a US car rental company that also offers its short- and long-term rental products in the UK, Europe, and throughout the rest of the world. Founded in 1918, many Hertz local offices are located at, or very close, to local airports, and they have a presence around all of the major UK airports including Heathrow and Gatwick, Manchester, and Liverpool. Find out where your local depot is by calling the Hertz phone number.

Hertz offices are also commonly found in major cities, and large towns, and as well as providing short-term rental cars, they provide larger vehicles including SUVs and vans. 

Hertz Offices

Although the car rental company started in the US, they have spread around the world. Hertz UK’s central offices are found in Uxbridge, but most enquiries need to be forwarded to a local office. Customers will typically find their local office attached to an airport, close to the city centre, or near another major hub. Customers that have enquiries about an existing rental, or that still have details from a previous rental can use any details found on paperwork that they have, in order to ensure that their enquiry is dealt with by the appropriate office.

Long Term Rentals

Their 28+ product provides long term rental, which is meant as an alternative to leasing, and provides rental agreements on vehicles lasting longer than 28 days. These are used by visiting businessmen, but may also be used by anybody that is looking for a long term hire. The 28+ service is not typically available from local offices; enquiries and requests for quotes are usually submitted via the Hertz website.


Supercar and dream car rentals offer access to expensive and luxury cars on similar rental terms as family, saloon, and SUVs, although the costs are obviously higher. Customers use these vehicles to enjoy driving a luxurious vehicle, or as wedding cars or for attending. There are a total of more than 8,500 Hertz offices throughout the world, with hundreds of Hertz local offices in the UK.