How can I get in contact with Hertz?

One of the best things about the internet (other than the cat videos) is how it brings the world closer together. This is true for social media, video calling and even contacting Hertz car and van rentals from comfort of your living room to get instant, on-demand customer service.

If you have a complaint, comment or piece of praise to share about your car rental experience with Hertz, it can be as easy as accessing the Hertz Facebook page or website. The Hertz Facebook page can be found at and customers can direct message Hertz customer service by clicking on ‘Message’. This button will bring customers to the Facebook messenger service, which will put them directly in contact with a customer service representative.

Twitter uses can just as easily contact Hertz by tweeting direct messaging or tweeting their twitter handle @HertzUK or following their Twitter page

Complaints or comments can also be shared by accessing the Hertz website, This can be useful for those without social media or who are not comfortable using their personal accounts for complaints. Unfortunately, the Hertz website do not have an instant messaging service, however by navigating to the ‘Help’ and ‘Contact us’ page you can email or call the customer service team.

If you have a complaint to make, it is best to contact Hertz directly in the first instance. Hopefully, your complaint will be quickly and easily resolved. Below are some tips to help ensure it is as smooth a process as possible:

Think about your complaint and note the relevant points to discuss
Have details of your rental agreement handy – your name, the rental agreement number, the dates of rental and the pick-up/drop-off points
Take note of the name of the person you are speaking to
Facebook messenger or Twitter will count as a written record; ask for the pertinent points to be emailed to you if talking on the phone.
Remember to try to keep calm and polite.

Other ways to contact Hertz

With any luck, your conversation with the Hertz contact number will quickly settle your complaint. If not, it might be worth contacting the European Car Rental Conciliation Service (ECRCS) or the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA). To use these services you must have booked directly with Hertz and not through a broker or travel agent.

The ECRCS is a cross-border service that protects your consumer rights when renting a vehicle in Europe. They only cover claims for the six companies who participate in the service, including Hertz.

Further information on the ECRCS and how to complain to them can be found at:

Hertz is also a member of the BVRLA. The BVRLA aims to resolve complaints within one month of the complaint being made.

Further information on the BVRLA and how to complain to them can be found at: